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Why spend thousands of dollars drafting new details for standard construction practices?
Need Details for Code Compliance?
Why spend money on shipping when downloads are FREE?


 Welcome to Details for a Dollar: Digital Download DWG Files: 2D Architecture, Engineering and Building Construction (AEC) Details, CAD, CADD Drawing (DWG) File Format. New construction, residential home renovation, home remodeling, or any do it yourself job that requires assistance of professionally prepared working drawings.

Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Residential Home Builders, Structural Engineering, Home Improvements, Home Renovation, Do it Yourself, Residential Construction Details and more. Our details are backward compatible with ANY CAD/CADD program reading *.DWG drawing files. They will even work with AutoCAD R12 and R13 if anyone still has a machine capable of running those programs. We have developed a way to modify the binary file format.  Files are completely editable - scaleable.

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Details for a Dollar DVD

Click On Video links below:
  FOUNDATION DETAILS (322 each) Foundation Construction Details
Miscellaneous Construction Details
  ROOF DETAILS (193 each) Roof Construction Details
Steel Construction Details
Wall & Floor Construction Details
We will also include 40 FREE details of construction notes and plan clarification for building codes as they may apply to your project. These FREE DETAILS will save you countless hours alone and we are giving them to you as a thanks for shopping with us.
ORDER OUR ENTIRE LIBRARY of 868 DWG Files for $0.02 a detail
(View Videos Of Entire Library - Click Here)
ON SALE - ONLY $25.00 For Full Download File
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Don't Have AutoCAD or a CAD Editing Program?
You can now get AutoCAD WS - FREE

AutoCAD WS is an easy-to-use web application that allows you to work on your AutoCAD drawings from anywhere and with anyone. With AutoCAD WS you can view, edit, and share DWG™ files through a web browser or mobile device. What can you do with AutoCAD WS? Works with WINDOWS OR MAC using Google Chrome Browser.


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Take a tour of some representative samples
of actual screen shots of our details in AutoCAD.
All of our Details are CURRENT and Buildable. Our details have been updated to meet All materials and hardware specified is current and not dated technology. Our details offer the latest technology in construction materials and practices. Why spend hundreds of dollars for thousands of details you don't need, can't use anymore or will never even look at? DON'T purchase details that have been outdated by more modern techniques of construction. Why purchase details that have not been updated to the current building codes? Our details meet current State of California Building Code (CBC), the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and International Building Code (IBC). Follow this link for Current Uniform Codes.
All files are editable and scalable CAD files. Import easily in to ArchiCad, Cad Key, CadMax, Canvas, Chief Architect, Easy Cad, Fast Cad, IntellCad, LinuxCad2000, Microstation, Multi Cad, Qcad, Softplan, Turbo Cad, Vdraft, VectorWorks, Volvoview, or easily converted to PDF Files and more. Compatible with all versions of AutoCAD; 14, 00. 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, LT, and more.
Do the math...the average CAD draftsman earns a minimum of $30/hour, an Engineer over $100/hour. If the average time to prepare one detail is 30 minutes of an Engineers time and 90 minutes of a draftsman's time this works out to roughly $95 to develop just one detail. Multiply this by 868 details in our folders and our current Library is valued at over $82,000. Save time and save money, it's as simple as that. Use our details as is or modify them to suit your needs. Combine details by importing one into another and provide even more detail. Each detail will save at least two hours set up, engineering and drafting time. This is time better spent on the current project, or in this economy, getting more work. Update your current detail inventory to include latest construction materials and techniques. Designed by our in-house engineers, these details are not from outside sources. We sell you the Copyrights to use our details on your next project and or adapt them to meet your needs. Please review our License Agreement.
Want us to modify the details for you and your specific project? Just ask and we can do that for you at minimum expense. These revisions normally take less than an our and our drafting revision service runs only $30.00 per hour. Nobody can beat this price for CAD drafting.
For a Limited Time you can download our complete and updated library of details and general construction notes for the low price of $20.00. You get 322 Foundation Details, 33 Misc Details, 193 Roof Details, 100 Steel Details, 170 Wall and Floor Details and all current and updated to current UBC Standards. In addition you get separate notes in DWG paste up format for all callouts to the current standards.
That's 868 details for 2 cents each.
Use your existing CAD Program or Download One of Our FREE Programs to Edit and Print. Use them in your current DWG Plan Package as Downloaded. Or Print Directly to Black and White for insertion in project reports or specifications. You can also convert to other graphic formats for use in many other presentation types. Convert to JPG, GIF or PDF file formats.
Details for a Dollar is your one stop for readymade building construction details available for immediate download in DWG file format for insertion into your project drawing package. These details are fully editable in AutoCAD or other computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs which develop drawings in the DWG file format.
2D AEC Construction Details in .DWG Format. AutoCAD .dwg drawing files compatible with ArchiCad, Cad Key, CadMax, Canvas, Chief Architect, Easy Cad, Fast Cad, IntellCad, LinuxCad2000, Microstation, Multi Cad, Qcad, Softplan, Turbo Cad, Vdraft, VectorWorks, Volvoview and any other program reading *.DWG file format. DWG format CAD construction details for both residential and commercial projects. All details are formatted without embedded dimensions and fully editable so that you can customize them for your specific project requirements. Each CAD detail is saved in .dwg AutoCAD format, editable & scalable. Compatible with All versions of AutoCAD. These details are also easily converted to PDF, JPG or GIF image formats for standard printing and insertion into working drawing packages, specification booklets, field reports and job site construction clarification. Load them on your laptop and take them to the job site. All of our details have been designed, reviewed and approved by licensed Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineers and can be used as is or modified in AutoCAD for insertion into your working drawing package or just print them out for plan check submittal.
Why spend thousands of dollars drafting new details for standard and special circumstance construction practices? Do you need details for Code Compliance? Then browse our inventory of ready to use details.

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